Friday, February 3, 2017

Horror Hosts:

Commander USA - Blood And Roses
Commander USA - Three In The Attic
I Am Woman Week (Sandra Bernhard) - Jungle Woman
Horror Hosts of Local TV compilation
Monstervision - Breeders
Monstervision - Critters
Monstervision - X-TRO2
Sci-Fright - Nina compilation


1983-07-17 MTV (38 minutes) / 1991-05-12 (85 minutes) / 1991-11-02 Week in Rock (first 23 minutes)
1986-01-30 MTV (2 hrs 3 mins) / 11/17/85 MTV footage (25 min.)
1986-01-11 Alan Hunter / Martha Quinn host (2 DVDs)
1986-01-20 Martha Quinn hosts
1986-04-?? J.J. Jackson hosts (59:53)
1986-10-?? Cast of the New Leave it to Beaver Guest VJs
1986-12-19 Mark Goodman hosts Top 20 Video Countdown (51:36, syndicated version)
1987-12-20 Kevin Seal hosts (2 DVDs)
1988-04-?? Adam Curry hosts Dial MTV (60:41, w/ ads)
1988-05-22 Kevin Seal hosts
1989-01-?? Kevin Seal hosts Top 20 Video Countdown “The Colorado Countdown” (53:55/69:32, 2 DVDs, w/ ads)
1989-06-17 Kevin Seal hosts
Headbangers Ball Europe - History of Heavy Metal
Headbangers Ball Europe - Paradise Lost special 1993
MTV Europe 1989 Rare Doc. , Interviews & Videos , cool comp! and good quality / M.O.R.V. # 9 - 242:53
MTV Europe 1989 Rare Doc. , Interviews & Videos , cool comp! and good quality / M.O.R.V. # 10 - 242:39

Other Music:

1986-12-26 Friday Night Videos (repeat of 3rd Anniversary Special)
Power Hour - Skid Row hosts 1989

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Right after my last post several people contacted me about trades so I'm pleased to know you're still out there!  Here are my latest acquisitions:

Commander USA - The Death of Bruce Lee (6-20-87)
Commander USA - Duel of the Ultimate Weapons (12-10-88)
Commander USA - The Hand (2-4-89)
Commander USA - Project X (7-26-86)
Commander USA - The Thirsty Dead (2-14-87)
Commander USA - Vampire Men of the Lost Planet (12-6-86)

Nickeloden Popclips 1979 with Charles Fleischer (45 minutes)
1982-05-23 Alan Hunter hosts (30 minutes, watermarked)
1982-10-02 Cheap Trick from Chicagofest (includes extra 20 minutes of videos after w/ J.J. Jackson)
1982-12-?? various hosts (6 hours, 3 DVDs, no commercials)
1983-10-20 Jackson/Quinn (2 hours)
1996-02-?? Alternative Nation (6 hours, 3 DVDs)
1996-08-01 M2 Launch on MTV (also includes some Alternative Nation)

Note: Some of the MTV stuff in this last batch looks like it is from low quality downloads. I still need to check all of them, but ask just in case.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Hard to find anyone who still trades DVDs by mail the old fashioned way. At least I'm not still trading VHS tapes.  Just got 10 more horror host discs:

Commander USA - American Werewolf In London
Commander USA - The Hearse
Commander USA - Mission Mars
Commander USA - Toxic Zombies
Commander USA - Trick Or Treat
Joe Bob Briggs Drive-In Theater - Lobsterman From Mars
Sci-Fright Friday (Rachel Grant) - Face Of Fu Manchu
Sci-Fright Friday (Rachel Grant) - The Brides Of Fu Manchu
USA Late Late Movie Movie (Gilbert Gottfried) - Monkey Kung Fu
USA Up All Night (Rhonda Shear) - Big Top Pee Wee (fan recreation)

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

I may be getting back into trading (for a little while anyway).  Here are my latest acquisitions:

1982-07-04 Alan Hunter hosts (60:59)
1983-05-04 (165 minutes)  There are a couple cuts throughout as if the original taper were trying to record some of each VJ's time on the air.
1984 Rock Influences Host Karla Devito, Co Host Ian anderson (A+, 42:20)
1985-02-18 Alan Hunter hosts (Cyndi Lauper Capt Lou Albano War to Settle The Score Roddy Piper Vs. Hulk Hogan, A+, 53:16)
1986-01-21 Steven Wright hosts Guest VJ Hour (w/ commercials, 50:16)
1986-03-25 Spring Break '86 (2 DVDs, no commercials, 56:42/49:04)
1986-04-?? Martha Quinn hosts Dial MTV (w/ commercials)
1986-04-19 (37 minutes, DVD also includes 1987-02-02 and 1992-04-11)
1987-02-02 (20 minutes, DVD also includes 1986-04-19 and 1992-04-11)
1989-12-?? Kevin Seal / Adam Curry / Ben Stiller, Guest VJ (4 DVDs, w/ commercials, 67:58/70:22/67:17/66:38, source: Beta)
1990-12-13 MTV (150 minutes, includes a Hot Seat VJ segment with Cher and Christina Ricci, DVD also includes 1988-09-?? WBA Evening Magazine Clips: Steroids in sports/A Man outside his house for the first time in 18 years/Top 10 Sexiest Women and 1979-10-?? French Canadian commercials (10 minutes, video quality shaky in spots))
1992-04-11 MTV footage including MTV News special "I'm Your Biggest Fan" and beginning of Top 20 countdown (41 minutes, DVD also includes 1986-04-19 and 1987-02-02)
1993-10-31 MTV's Haunted House Party (last 30 minutes, DVD also includes 1991-06-01 Headbangers Ball)

Headbangers Ball:
1991-05-11 Headbangers Ball w/ Primus and Katmandu (130 minutes, missing first 50 minutes)
1991-06-01 Riki Rachtman hosts Headbangers Ball w/ Tyketto and Wrathchild America (partial, 110 minutes, some commercials cut, DVD also includes Haunted House Party)
1992-12-27 Holiday Blox edition (last hour 53 minutes, DVD also includes Video Rock Wave)

MTV Europe:
MTV Europe 1980s Rare Doc. , Interviews & Videos , cool comp! and good quality / M.O.R.V. # 7 - 242:??
MTV Europe 1989 Rare Doc. , Interviews & Videos , cool comp! and good quality / M.O.R.V. # 8 - 184:51

Other Music:
Friday Night Videos (NBC) 1987-03-27 "Mean" Gene Okerlund and Jesse "The Body" Ventura host (88:47, w/ commercials)
Friday Night Videos (NBC) 1989-02-03 Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jay Leno host
Friday Night Videos (NBC) 1989-09-22 Penn & Teller host
Video Rock Wave 1992-12-29 (local LA area music video show, includes Century Cable sign-off at end, DVD also includes 1992-12-27 Headbangers Ball)

Horror Hosts:
USA Up All Night (Rhonda Shear) - Cemetery High (fan recreation)
USA Up All Night (unhosted) - Killer Klowns From Outer Space (original broadcast w/ commercials)
USA Up All Night (unhosted) - Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (original broadcast w/ commercials)
USA Up All Night (unhosted) - Psycho II (original broadcast w/ commercials)

Monday, August 3, 2015

More assorted goodies from Phil.

1984-02-?? Tracey Ullman Guest VJ (20 minutes)
1991-07-?? Bill and Ted's Bogus Premiere Party (w/o/c)
Alternative Nation (2 episodes, w/o/c) - Kennedy hosts The Crow Movie Release Special (1994) and Jan 1993
REMOTE CONTROL - Seasons 2 and 3 (4 episodes)
REMOTE CONTROL - Season 3 (2 episodes, DVD also includes episodes of Super Market Sweep and Nick Arcade)
REMOTE CONTROL - Seasons 1 and 2 (4 episodes)
REMOTE CONTROL - Season 3 (5 episodes)
REMOTE CONTROL - 2 episodes from 1990 (DVD also includes episodes of Video Power and The Real Ghostbusters)

Headbangers Ball:
1988-06-11 Sam Kinison hosts (160 minutes, DVD includes some of Halloween show)
1991-??-?? Headbangers Ball UK plus Tele5 Germany and more (182 minutes)
1993-??-?? Vanessa Warwick hosts Headbangers Ball UK with special guest DADAS (92:28)
1994-05-?? Riki Rachtman hosts HBB Japan w/ '93 BBQ Re-Broadcast (77 minutes)

Horror Hosts:
TNT Monstervision - Conan The Destroyer
USA Up All Night (Rhonda Shear) - 976-Evil (fan recreation)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I haven't done any trading lately, and as a result I've once again fallen behind on keeping this blog up-to-date.  Got a bunch of cool horror host additions, thanks to Scary Steve:

Commander USA - Alone In The Dark
Commander USA - Deathquake (with commercials)
Commander USA - Kingdom Of The Spiders (with commercials)
Commander USA - The Being
Commander USA - The Loch Ness Horror
Commander USA - The Unseen
Commander USA - Vampire Men Of The Lost Planet (with commercials)
Creature Feature With Dr. Gangrene - Future Force
Dr. Destruction's Crimson Theatre - Tetsuo (The Iron Man)
Dr. Paul Bearer - Chamber Of Horrors
Gungajim - Legend Of Boggy Creek
Midnight Frights - Plan 9
Mystery Science Theater 3000 - MTV Appearance 5-19 Week in Rock #7 - Mike Nelson on Slasher Movies
USA Up All Night (Rhonda Shear) - Can't Buy Me Love (fan recreation)
USA Up All Night (Rhonda Shear) - Hardbodies (fan recreation)
USA Up All Night (Rhonda Shear) - Pick Up Artist (fan recreation)
USA Up All Night (Rhonda Shear) - Pick Up Summer (fan recreation)
USA Up All Night (Rhonda Shear) - Private School (fan recreation)
USA Up All Night (Rhonda Shear) - Teen Wolf (fan recreation)
USA Up All Night (Rhonda Shear) - The Fly 2 (fan recreation)
USA Up All Night (Rhonda Shear) - Tomboy (fan recreation)
World Of The Weird Monster Show, The (Undead Johnny) - Carry on Screaming
World Of The Weird Monster Show, The (Undead Johnny) - Warriors of the Wasteland

Monday, December 22, 2014


I just noticed I forgot to add several discs from my last 2 or 3 trades.  Also, I don't appear to be getting notifications when people comment on my blog, so unfortunately if you've done so in the past year I probably didn't see it.  Best way to contact me is by email (see new Contact page on the right).

1982-04-01 Mark Goodman hosts The News That Rocked '81 (45 minutes, no commercials)
1982-12-25 Martha Quinn hosts (30 minutes)
1984-??-?? Various behind the scenes clips (1982-84, 30 minutes)
1986-??-?? Martha Quinn hosts Basement Tapes w/ Cheap Trick (22:18)
1987-04-01 Dr. Demento hosts Top 20 Countdown (no commercials)
1990-??-?? Straight Up Saturday (3 DVDs, 5 hours, w/ commercials)
199?-??-?? 2 episodes of Remote Control plus an hour of "Classic MTV" hosted by John Norris
VH1 Club MTV rebroadcast (2 DVDs)

Headbangers Ball:
1987-04-18 Motorhead hosts (119:48)
1988-12-?? Cinderella hosts
1989-06-10 Adam Curry hosts
1990-09-?? Riki Rachtman hosts w/ Scorpions
1990-09-22 Riki Rachtman hosts Concrete Foundations Forum
1991-10-12 Riki Rachtman hosts w/ Lita Ford

Other Music:
V/A - Friday Night Videos (NBC) 1987-10-30 Elvira hosts (DVD also includes 1987-06-24 episode)
V/A - Friday Night Videos (NBC) 1988-06-24 Gallagher and Latoya Jackson host (DVD also includes 1987-10-30 episode)
V/A - Sky/Super Channel video compilation

USA Up All Night (Caroline Schlitt) - Northern Kicks Southern Fist (original broadcast w/ commercials)